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CSE Student Fellowship Challenge Fund
CSE Division Student Projects, Activities & Award Fund
CSE Division Enhancement Fund
CSE Bernard A. Galler Fellowship Fund

Giving for Maximum Impact

Create a named professorship, fellowship, or scholarship; initiate a program; or endow a fund. Other opportunies exist for your philanthropy.

CSE Student Fellowship Challenge Fund (575414)

Our Computer Science and Engineering graduate programs continue to expand because of the quality of our programs and the relevancy of the degree in today's ever changing technology-based world. We offer fellowships to many of our graduate students and this fund helps us in our efforts to attract additional highly-qualified graduate students to our programs.

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CSE Division Student Projects, Activities & Award Fund (313494)

Gifts to this fund provide leadership, service, and professional opportunities, as well as friendship and camaraderie, to Computer Science and Engineering students, through conferences and awards.

This fund will also be used by the CSE Division to support student participation at conferences aimed at increasing diversity, such as the annual Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, the ACM Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing, and Conference for African-American Researchers in the Mathematical Sciences. Funds will also be used at the Division's discretion for outreach and support activities aimed at achieving gender and racial diversity, equity, and inclusion in CSE and in computing as a field.

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CSE Division Enhancement Fund (313493)

This fund helps to enhance and extend the range of educational activities and initiatives associated with the CSE Division. The fund helps to provide state-of-the-art equipment and software for classroom instructional laboratories; to bring our alumni back to campus to give talks and to interact with our students; and to enhance student learning and student project centers by providing areas for collaboration and individual study.

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CSE Bernard A. Galler Fellowship Fund (571676)

This fund supports graduate students in Computer Science and Engineering.

About the Fund

Mrs. Enid Galler and the Galler Family established the Bernard A. Galler Fellowship Fund to honor the memory of Prof. Bernard Galler. Prof. Galler (1928-2006) was a pioneer in the field of computer science and helped to shape the discipline at the University of Michigan. In the 1950s and early 1960s, Prof. Galler was active in the development of the new Communication Sciences Program, and in 1966 he became associate director of the Computing Center. He became a charter member of the Department of Computer and Communication Sciences (CCS) in 1966 and was influential in the development of the software and mathematics curricula for computer science. He served as CCS chair from 1973-75.

Professor Galler served as an officer of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) from its earliest days, including the presidency from 1968-70. He was a natural historian, and ensured that the history of computer science was recorded and remembered by founding the IEEE Annals of the History of Computing in 1979. Prof. Galler retired from the University in 1994.

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Additional Funds

Please visit the University of Michigan Giving website if you would like to give to a fund not listed here.

Create Your Own Opportunity for Impact

Name Your Own CSE Professorship

Our faculty are the backbone of the department. They are teachers, mentors, researchers, entrepreneurs, and managers. They bring the latest technology to the classroom, they raise funds to conduct their research, they invite undergraduate students into their research groups to help them experience the thrill of cutting-edge research, and with their graduate students are boldly leading in technological and scientific territory.

Contact us to for a discussion about the establishment of a professorship in the name of your choice.

Name Your Own Endowed Fund

Establish your own endowed fund and name the recipient. Recent examples are the Bernard A. Galler Fellowship Fund, the George I. and Mary N. Haddad Fellowship Fund, and the Arjun Chandran Memorial Fund. All of these funds support graduate student research, which is a key component to the strength of CSE.

Other Opportunities

There are many ways to support student education, research, and activities through your philanthropy. Please contact us for additional information.