Be a Victor for CSE

Computer scientists and computer engineers have the potential to address the most significant and pressing challenges that face humanity today. The Computer Science and Engineering Division at Michigan is committed to producing graduates with the attributes required to take on these big problems – and big opportunities – in new ways.

CSE, located on the U-M North Campus across from the Lurie Bell Tower.

With potential for paradigm-changing impact across the fields of healthcare, sustainability, education, transportation, the performing arts, popular entertainment, and a range of other disciplines, computer science and engineering is a field that needs Victors.

The CSE Division of EECS is joining the College of Engineering and University of Michigan in an historic effort to ensure our continued legacy of excellence through a multi-year fundraising effort called Victors for Michigan. Every dollar contributed to CSE now counts toward the campaign's ultimate goal of $4B.

Please participate in the Victors for Michigan Campaign and consider targeting your philanthropy toward CSE. Your help today will make a difference in the world tomorrow, and will help us to maintain the high standard of excellence that exemplifies the Computer Science and Computer Engineering programs at Michigan. 

Links to CSE funds are available here.

On behalf of our students, faculty, and staff, thank you – and Go Blue!