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Thank you for interest in joining the AB Research Lab for your graduate studies! The lab is led by Prof. Bertacco and Prof. Austin. Please enjoy the videos and posters below to learn more about the lab's ongoing research at The University of Michigan and the ADA Center. We hope you will join our team.

We will be hosting a live event on Tuesday, March 9, from 11:30am EST to 12:30pm EST. The lab's students and researchers will be providing information about the graduate program, life in the lab and in Ann Arbor, and address any questions you may have about their research and their graduate experience. (no faculty allowed to the meeting, feel free to ask ANYTHING you wish to know). Please RSVP so that we know to expect you:
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At the time of the meeting, please use the following Zoom link to connect:
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In addition, we are hosting a social event on Wednesday, March 10, from 3pm EST to 5pm EST. Please let us know if you plan to drop by (no need to stay the entire time), and enjoy some online games with us:
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Student Videos

Below are a few recent presentations and demo videos by lab members.

Fitsum Andargie, Research Scientist
Research Overview
Visit Day 2021 (Feb '21)

Shibo Chen, Ph.D. student
CSE Visit Day Video for Prospective Students
Visit Day 2021 (Feb '21)

Lauren Biernacki
Presentation on Sequestered Encryption
FOCA 2020 (October '20)

Leul Belayneh
ADA 2020 (May '20)

Andrew McCrabb
Faster Explainable AI
ADA 2020 (May '20)

Pete Ehrett
ADA 2020 (May '20)

Lauren Biernacki
Privacy-Enhanced Computation (Demo)
ADA 2020 (May '20)

Andrew McCrabb
Herding Vertices: Optimizing Vertex-Pressure Graph Partitioning
ADA 2020 (May '20)

Pete Ehrett
MilSpec–A Suite of National Defense-Inspired Benchmarks
ADA 2019 (April '19)

Vidushi Goyal
Neksus: An Interconnect for Heterogeneous System-In-Package Architectures
IPDPS 2020 (May '20)

Vidushi Goyal
Seesaw: End-to-End Dynamic Sensing for IoT using Machine Learning
DAC 2020 (July '20)

Student Posters

Here are the posters we will be presenting at the CSE's March Visit - Poster Session. Come and meet us on Monday March 9, from 2:30pm EST to 4:30pm EST.

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Lauren Biernacki
Thwarting Control Plane Attacks with Displaced and Dilated Address Spaces

Leul Belayneh, Fitsum Andargie
Archipelago: Architectural Support for Graph Analytics on GPUs

Andrew McCrabb

Celine Schlueter

Shibo Chen
Deep Dive into the Cost of Context Switch

Vidushi Goyal
End-to-end Machine Learning based Dynamic Sensing for IoT

Rehab Massoud
Timeprints-Based Verification

Tarunesh Verma
Accelerating MachSuite Benchmarks on FPGAs through OpenCL and HLS

Faculty Presentations

And finally, these are a few presentations by our faculty lab directors, Todd Austin and Valeria Bertacco.

Todd Austin
From Security to Immunity
UC-Davis ECE Invited Lecture

Todd Austin
Achieving Privacy in an Increasingly Connected World
University of Michigan 2020

Valeria Bertacco
The Automation Imperative
ISCA 2020 (June '20)

Valeria Bertacco and David Brooks
Center Updates and Trajectory and Beyond ADA News
ADA 2020 (May '20)